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Some vendors have been really generous and offer 2.5% off their retail prices, just tell them you read their review on Computer Forensic Reviews Online and that it influenced your decision to buy!

Special Offers:


Contact the Shannon on the sales team and mention Computer Forensic Reviews Online and receive a 2.5% discount.  If you are looking for a company that will help you with a problem and not ignore your support requests, then Paraben are the place to go!

Get in contact with Steve Whalen (Developer) or Jason Roslewicz (CEO) - they still pick up the phone!  Mention Computer Forensic Reviews Online - you won't get a discount (their stuff is cheap enough as it is!) but you will make them chuckle!  Check out my Recon Imager review here!


Visit Arman Gungor over at the Metaspike website to read all about Forensic Email Collector (FEC) see my review hereIts an amazing product and is something you can't do without.  Also check out his many articles on examining E-Mails in minute detail for forensic investigations!  Tell him Computer Forensic Reviews Online sent you!

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