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Product Description Vendor Version Platform Score/Arriving
Forensic Email Collector E-mail downloader MetaSpike 3.10 Windows 9/10
Macquisition Apple disk imager BlackBag 2019R1.2 Apple 6.5/10
Recon Imager Standard Apple disk imager Sumuri 4 Apple 8.5/10
Forensic Explorer Forensic Suite GetData 5.2.x.x Windows 7.0/10
FTK Imager Windows Imager Access Data 4.3.x Windows In Progress
Cyber Triage Compromise Detector Basis Tech 2.xx Windows In Progress
Monolith Pro Case Management Monolith Forensics 1.x Windows In Progress
Recon Lab Apple Forensics Sumuri 1.x Apple Coming 2021
Recon ITR Apple Imaging & Triage Sumuri 1.x Apple Coming 2021
Outrider Triage Tool Magnet Forensics ? Windows Coming 2021
Binalyze IREC IR Evidence Collector Binalyze ? Windows Coming 2021 
Encase Endpoint Investigator Remote Forensics Opentext ? Windows Pending
Belkasoft Evidence Centre Forensics Suite Belkasoft ? Windows Coming 2021
Elcomsoft Phone Breaker iPhone/iCloud Tools Elcomsoft ? Windows Coming 2021
Forensic Tool Kit 7.x Forensics Suite Access Data 7.x Windows Coming 2021
Aid4Mail Investigator E-Mail downloader Fookes Software 5.x Windows Coming 2021




Product Description Vendor Version Platform Score
Key Grabber USB Hardware Keylogger Key Demon N/A Windows/Mac 4.5/10
TX1 Hardware Imager Tabeleau/OpenText N/A - Coming Dec 2020





Product Description Vendor Version Platform Score





Product Description Vendor Version Platform Score


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