We like creating content here at CFRO, so when there are no shiny new products to test - we write quick articles that we think others will find useful.  We try to keep things humourous and light hearted in this section - we are going to speak our minds here, so we hope you find something useful.


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2020 Articles


Which Drives are the Most Reliable ?

We speak to a data recovery firm as to which drives are the most reliable.  We also look at what happens when you drop a hard drive that is spinning!

Mac Imaging & Triage on a £1500 Budget!

Join me on a journey to discover how you could implement Apple forensics into your lab for peanuts.


2019 Articles


Eventually these ideas will become articles...... if only there were more hours in the day!


Why I don't use desktops for analysis anymore.

An interesting look into one man's departure from using a desktop PC for forensic case work and moving over to a ex-lease server.

IEF - Configuring your hardware for it

In this article we lift the hood of IEF and see exactly what it does with your hardware when processing - and how to get the most out of it on your system.

Encase Forensic Edition - Do's and Don'ts

Encase has gone through a number of revisions through the years, we take version 8 for a spin and show you some time saving do's and don'ts!

FTK - Avoiding the pain train

FTK requires a lot of resources to get the most from it.  Here we take you through our tips on how to avoid the common problems we have experienced.

Would you pay £4500 to renew your software licence if you didn't use it for 2 years ?

We take a look at the controversial practice of vendor's charging for expired SMS at renewal time.

What do you do when your forensic tool crashes?

Here we look at the exposure under GDPR when your software crashes processing data mid-way through a task.

Process data like a boss for peanuts.

We explore the interesting world of using ex-lease computers and servers, for processing data on a budget.

Are you paying attention to GDPR at your lab?

We take a look at how GDPR affects the data you collect and process in and outside of the lab.

Do MAC forensics on a PC !! With a Hackintosh

We don't have the budget to purchase an Apple Mac for forensic reviews, so we are going to make one !  Watch this space for a complete guide.

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