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The new place on the web to find brutally honest, humourous and opinionated long and short term reviews of computer forensics software, hardware & training courses, click here to see whats new!


If you are on the look out for advice on what to buy - and what not to buy - you have come to the right place.  There is no sugar coating here, and I don't get paid a penny for writing these reviews (most of which have over 100 hours of my time invested in them).  See the review index here.


I do this as I enjoy it, its my hobby, plus the digital forensics industry is unregulated at present and the standards of the software/hardware on the market vary wildly.


CFRO is not a commercial venture (its non-profit) and my views here are my own personal opinion and not that of my employer.  Brave Vendors get in touch here for a fair review.


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CFRO has picked up a large number of subscribers in a *very* short period of time - we have Local, State and Federal law enforcement agencies from the USA, Customs & Excise, Police Officers, Corporate Investigators, Forensic Trainers, law firms, vendors and a whole host of other people from all over the world !


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