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Welcome to CFRO !


The new place on the web to find brutally honest, humourous and opinionated long and short term reviews of computer forensics software and hardware, click here to see whats new!


Why CFRO ?


I started CFRO as I was tired of using buggy software that I had paid thousands of pounds/dollars for.  My reviews will praise a great product (giving it a major boost in exposure on social media and amongst the community) and constructively criticise a poorly programmed tool, leading to the vendor recognising there is a problem and issuing a fix.  Everyone wins.


CFRO is not for profit, I don't get anything from anyone for doing the reviews, the forensic community have been good to me over the years, so now it is time to give something back.  CFRO is here to help improve products, thats it, no other reason.


Vendors CFRO Wants Your Products !


Vendors are welcome to submit products for a fair independant review, check out

the review index to see how other products got on.


  CFRO's readers tell me that it is far better to have a review with a "known issues" section so that CFRO can use its reach to let consumers know you are working on fixes - as opposed to having all of your dirty laundry embarrassingly laid out for all to see because you buried your head in the sand and did nothing, doing irreparable damage to your brand and perception within the community.


Who Reads CFRO's Reviews ?


CFRO has picked up a large number of subscribers in a *very* short period of time - we have Local, State and Federal law enforcement agencies from the USA, Customs & Excise, Police Officers, Corporate Investigators, Forensic Trainers, law firms, vendors and a whole host of other people from all over the world !

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