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Why CFRO ?


I have become tired of paying thousands of pounds/dollars for buggy software put out by vendors who used to care about their product, but due to buyout X, merger Y or change of management Z have slowly eroded their testing budget and we, the examiners, have ended up as the beta testers....on live cases where quite often a persons most precious posession is in jeopardy - their liberty/freedom.


Vendors are welcome to submit products for a fair review, but don't hide,

CFRO will seek you out and expose your issues - this is not a snowflake friendly or website.


  CFRO's readers tell me that it is far better to have a review with a "known issues" section so that CFRO can use its reach to let consumers know you are working on fixes - as opposed to having all of your dirty laundry embarrassingly laid out for all to see because you buried your head in the sand and did nothing.


Readers - never before has it been so important to  fully check your results

(or dip test them to an agreed level).


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