Product Submission:

CFRO needs products to test, if you would like to receive an independent review of your product or training course - please click the button below and complete our submission form.


We accept products from manufacturers, distributors, developers and private individuals.


The types of product we accept for long-term review usually fall under these categories:


  • E-Discovery & Digital Forensic Analysis Software
  • Forensic Workstations/Computers
  • Write Blocking Devices (Standalone and Interactive)
  • Training Courses (Online or Classroom based)
  • Cables, adapters, convertors and niche items
  • Other relevant products our readers may like


All of our reviews (with the exception training classes) are long-term.


Vendors can request that their review periodically updated  with our experiences, new features and our readers favourite topics - bug fixes and customer service experiences.


For this reason, we are unable to test any time-limited demo's, trial or feature limited versions - software products submitted must be fully licenced for at least 12 months.  Hardware will only be accepted on the understanding that it will not be returned for at least 12 months.


If you think your company's product is worthy of a review - we would like to hear from you!


Remember....decision makers and those looking to jump ship to a competing product read our reviews so get in early and stand out from the crowd!


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