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Computer Forensic Reviews Online is something I do in my spare time, updates are very infrequent - so its best to click the blue button below to subscribe and get an E-mail when there is something new !


Firstly, nothing here is paid for by vendors - it is all independant and I get zero from anyone for doing this stuff, I don't want anything either - its theraputic to do something that does not directly involve my day job.  Any monies from advertising goes right back into the pot to pay for hosting fees and test equipment.


CFRO is not a commercial venture (its non-profit) and my views here are my own personal opinion and not that of my employer.  Brave Vendors get in touch here for a fair review.


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CFRO has picked up a large number of subscribers in a *very* short period of time - we have Local, State and Federal law enforcement agencies from the USA, Customs & Excise, Police Officers, Corporate Investigators, Forensic Trainers, law firms, vendors and a whole host of other people from all over the world !  Please sign up to the newsletter using the blue button above, it all helps!


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